Antifreeze, Windshield Wash & Heat Transfer Fluids


Based out of Springfield, MO, Products Plus proudly serves 3,000+ customers in industries such as: fast lube shops, auto dealerships, truck dealerships, trucking companies, auto and truck repair shops, muffler shops, radiator shops, body shops, tire stores, mechanical contractors, farm equipment and supply, schools, military bases, and city, county and state agencies.

Route driven bulk delivery and pick-up service for antifreeze, windshield washer fluid and used antifreeze fluid. 

We provide a full line of auto, truck Antifreeze and Windshield Wash, and Industrial Heat Transfer fluids. Our dedicated staff of professional drivers, travel hundreds of miles daily delivering ourquality products and specialize in the removal and recycling of used antifreeze. This unique service keeps waste product storage at a minimum while keeping yourantifreeze and windshield wash inventory at the specified levels you need. We provide a unique service to customers delivering 55 to 5000 gallons of product in drums or whole truckloads on our regularly scheduled and dedicated delivery routes.

To find out more about how you could be enjoying the benefits of our unique service and get pricing and product specifications for your tailoredantifreeze, windshield wash or heat transfer fluids needs call Toll Free (877) 581-3755 today!